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my n***a

i like it but ther sum thamgs i wouldve dun diff. but overall it straight. da main instrum. i would tweak 2 mke it sound smother n not so raspy n da bass kick real lite wat up wit dat?oh n i got sum trax on my myspace i wnt u 2 check out by da way 2 tell me wat u tink. myspace.com/officialmagicmen oh n is u gne b n audio 2 dis year comin up?

LastEncore responds:

Ofcourse Imma be in audio...and i guess I'll make the kick a little louder. It's pretty deep on my side though. So ion know. As far as the rasp in the back i can't really do much with that since that's all on Greeksta. I'll see about it though...

AY BRother From Another Mother

Ay kinfolk tis bumpin i aint heard original so i dnt really wnt 2 cratique it, but pm on da instruments u used oh n i got sum super super bumpin shit u got 2 here wen i finish cuz i aint put it on myspace yet n u knw how paranoid i get wit puttin my good music on here which by da way u can find on myspace.com/officialmagicmen (quick plug!!! lol), oh n da swell dat i heard at 2:49(well iono if it started then but dats wen i herd it) insted of lettin it get loud n fadin out hve it continuosly play(not da whole time though) at da volume it starts at.

LastEncore responds:

The orginal version sounds like the chords at the very end playing. Just the chords, not the extra melody notes in there. Listen to that for one phrase and that's exactly what the orginal sounds like except it was a organ. The orginal song was just three chord that played for like 3 seconds. So like I said it's not really a remix. It's like i stole they chords and made a new song. hahah! Also why everybody trying to steal my sounds! The one's everybody hate! But thanks for the review and shit man!

WAlk it out!!!

It was straight. i aint big on dance songs but it was good. i could c sumbody rappin on it like al kapone(but u probly dnt knw who dat is) but keep up da good wrk, check sum my shit out, it aint my best but i dnt wnt nobody stealin my shit( but dats y i go a music myspace)lol but back 2 u good job

Long story short. im a yung nigga on his grind lookin fo a good time

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